Summer is here!

Summer is here and the lilies are blooming. The blueberries are overflowing their bushes and the tomatoes are just starting to get unruly. Our peppers are coming in and we currently have lettuce, kale, arugula, spinach, basil, english peas, and haricot beans in our garden. The Japanese Beetles are back and we are at war! So far it is not too bad, thank goodness! Every day we are mowing and pulling weeds! The animals are happy but the horses are not thrilled to be wearing their fly masks again, although it is necessary! Our perennial giant hibiscus are about to bloom and it will be magnificent when they do as they are everywhere! The pool is open and very refreshing!

Barbara Miller
Farm Update

The farm is quiet now.  Fortunately the weather has been nice, if a bit wet.  Pluto our baby donkey is filled with energy and does laps around the adult donkeys every morning.  Our chickens started producing more eggs now that their molting season is over.  Seed planting in the greenhouse has begun and we are searching for a dealer for piglets for the spring.  Winter maintenance of the forest and fields has commenced on nice days.  There are many deer and turkey roaming the farm.  We are busy chopping wood and doing general maintenance. 

Blue Cloud Studio
The Beautiful Flowers of Edgewood Miller Farm

Barbara, the owner, grows many flowers but her favorites are her Giant Bearded Irises and her Amaryllis flowers.  Her favorite trees are magnolias and Japanese maples.

Blue Cloud Studio