About Edgewood Miller Farm

Edgewood Miller Farm was established in October 2013.  The quest for Barbara, the owner of the farm, was to create a place where, within reason, she could live a self-sustainable lifestyle, predominately growing all her own organic food. As the farm evolved Barbara realized with such beautiful land her garden could be significantly bigger.  Her acreage for cropland expanded and with 20 raised beds by 2016 she was selling her organic produce to five different area restaurants. Having a farm, Barbara also had the ability to have many animals, many of which are rescues. 

These days, for her 3 rescue Thoroughbred horses, 3 mini-donkeys and 2 mini-horses she grows her own hay, oftentimes having more than enough for her own animals, but also to sell. The farm takes a team to run and Barbara feels very fortunate to have wonderful people working for and with her.  She believes partnerships in the local community, and caring for the land, are immensely important, and to the best of her ability always tries to do right by her land and the animals that live on it.