Meet the Team

Barbara Miller

Barbara is the owner and founder of Edgewood Miller Farm.  Raised in New York City in Greenwich Village, in her early years Barbara knew nothing about country life but always loved animals with a passion and dreamed of the day she could own a dog.  In her teens Barbara discovered a love of travel and by her 20s developed a love of flowers and started having a keen interest in the natural world that had nothing to do with humankind’s intervention.  When she was 22, still living in New York City, this time in the East Village, Barbara was finally able to get a pet, her first cat Cheeba.  But working full time and traveling when she could prevented her from having more animals. 

In her 30s she moved to a house on Long Island but continued to travel when she could, so Cheeba remained her only pet, but Barbara finally had a yard she could have a garden in and grow beautiful flowers, trees and some vegetables. Cheeba passed away in 2006 at nearly 18 years old, having lived a wonderful life filled with love. In 2007 one of Barbara’s dreams finally came true when she adopted her Bull Terrier, Tessa.  Tessa traveled with Barbara on numerous road trips all around the United States and they had a great time! 

Due to the over-development in the area she lived in, in 2013 Barbara decided she needed more land and to live in a place that valued conservation so she moved to Orange County, Virginia and started Edgewood Miller Farm.  With a farm now came the ability to have even more animals and a true garden to grow many different things.  The farm has grown over the years and there have been many learning experiences along the way.  With the help of neighbors and friends Barbara has learned a lot about farming and how to care for the land and the Rapidan River and strives to do her best to protect the land she is so fortunate to live on.  Tessa sadly passed away in 2014 but now Barbara has 2 dogs, Pickles and Sid and a house cat, Ollie and also many animals that live on the farm.   Barbara feels she spent her life searching for something but not really sure what is was until she found her life in Virginia and her farm and her animals and realized that she had found the place she was really meant to be in and the fulfillment of working the land and being around beautiful nature all the time. She feels blessed all the time that she can live in such a magical place and be so fortunate to have such wonderful family, friends, co-workers and animals.

Justin Mays

Justin Mays is the Farm Manager at Edgewood Miller Farm.  Justin was introduced to farming at an early age.  Growing up, he spent most days at his grandparents' nursery helping to care for plants, tend gardens, and prepare produce for sale at markets.  Throughout his childhood he spent summers on a family farm raising tobacco in Southern Virginia.  In his adult years Justin has worn many hats by founding and operating several different businesses.  He has been exposed to and become adept at utilizing many different gardening techniques including bio-intensive gardening, Hügelkultur, raised bed gardening and organic gardening.  He is passionate about growing in commune with nature yet practical minded. He met his wife Sandra while working on a dude ranch in Wyoming.  They now live on the farm with their three young daughters Cedar, River and Sage.  Prior to managing Edgewood Miller Farm he managed a gentleman's farm and estate in Locust, New Jersey.  In the past he has also grown organic vegetables for retail and owned and operated a small mushroom business. Justin manages the day to day operations of the farm and is the idea man at Edgewood Miller Farm.  

Steve Patterson

Steve came to the farm at the end of July, 2017.  He has been a dedicated employee and an essential part of the team ever since.  Steve grew up in Nelson County, Virginia and has always had a special connection with animals and a gift for working on the land.

Jeanne Moon

Jeanne is the horse whisperer.  She contacted Barb in 2015 and asked if Barb was willing to allow some rescue thoroughbreds to live at the farm.  She told Barb she had nothing to worry about, that she (Jeanne) would take care of everything.  And ever since, she has.  She shows up twice a day, no matter the weather, to look after the horses.  Sadly, one of the horses, Gracie, passed away in 2018, but Jeanne still takes care of Manny (on the left) and Summer (on the right).  Jeanne is kind and committed to the care of the horses and she is a generous, loving person that can always be counted on.  We love her at Edgewood Miller Farm.